Guangzhou INTERLINK Communication

INTERLINK was Founded in 1998, with its headquarters in Guangzhou China. Today, INTERLINK has become a leading global brand of Mobile phone accessories and multimedia products. At INTERLINK, we uphold the highest quality and believe in professional service. As a customer-focused company, INTERLINK has the ability to quickly respond to the market’s changing needs.
INTERLINK carries 400 plus products, including all types of mobile phone batteries, smart phone charger, power banks, handsfree and data cable and so on. In addition to fulfilling system-specific needs, we create trends by developing daring new peripherals that accommodate modern-tech lifestyles. When it comes to organizing your digital life, INTERLINK has it all.
As a declaration of our commitment to quality, INTERLINK has implemented the Total Quality Control Concept throughout the company. Each product is individually tested using our sophisticated testing equipment and customized testing software. Production staff undergoes intensive training to ensure that all products meet the company’s rigorous quality standards.

As a future-focused company, INTERLINK looks beyond the horizon to predict, plan and deliver the quality products and services that you want, which keeps us at the forefront of the industry. We see the future providing limitless opportunities. Good memories start here!


Linkers Trading Company Ltd. (LTCL) is a well structured and growing organization engaged in telecom sector and a wide range of other businesses in Afghanistan for the last two decades.
It has qualified and specialized staff who provide efficient services to the market through strong sales network that is spread all over Afghanistan.
In the way of its business expansion and also overviewing the needs of the Afghanistan market, LTCL did a thorough market research and found that the customer in Afghanistan market is getting inferior quality products at much high prices in the field of mobile accessories. Keeping in view this scenario LTCL decided to bring the world's leading mobile accessories brand (INTERLINK) to Afghanistan, so that the customer could get best quality products at the most affordable prices.
LTCL is the sole distributor of INTERLINK Products in Afghanistan. Its main office is in Kabul and regional office in Jalalabad.
It also has its sales network in Herat, Kandhar, Mazar, Kunduz and other cities of Afghanistan.
At LTCL we look forward to provide you a global brand and quality services at your door step.